Millennium Insurance Brokers Limited (MIB) is a newly registered Insurance Broking company which seeks to provide and maintain a leadership role in the provision of insurance broking and financial services to all our clients by innovative and technical means, while maintaining the highest quality standards of professional ethics through courtesy, integrity and competence.

The company was registered in October 2000 and has developed a strategy which takes the initiative to employ a course of action for the future. It is a strategy which is meant, not to be a reaction to events, but rather one which attempts to influence events.

Our main focus, therefore, will be to achieve the following strategic objectives:

• To provide continuity and development of our Human Resources.

• To provide a high quality and reliability of service by the use of Information Technology and other emerging technologies.

• To provide a professional and customer friendly environment.

• To effectively create new products and services by innovative methods.

• To contain the level of expenses.

• To increase the level of profitability and market share of the organization.

In light of the foregoing, MIB has assembled a team of top-level professionals, whose levels of expertise are unsurpassed in the insurance broking sector (see profiles below). Additionally, the company has installed a state of the art Local Area Network (LAN) computerized system that will enable the administration of clients’ portfolios in a most efficient and effective manner.

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